RVCA full promo video online

RVCA full promo video online

For all of you who haven’t found a copy of the RVCA promo video then this is your one in a lifetime chance – man, I’ve been at work way to long today! No, I’m not selling it and I don’t get anything from mentioning it other than the satisfaction that everybody gets to watch it. There you go – forget what I said any just enjoy it!

Featuring a full part from everyone’s favorite skater, Leo Romero. Also, a team montage from the whole RVCA team, with highlights from RVCA AM’s; Nestor Judkins, David Reyes & Julian Davidson.

Featured skaters:

Leo Romero, Kevin “Spanky” Long, Josh Harmony, Cairo Foster, Austin Stephens, Ed Templeton, Keegan Sauder, David Reyes, Nestor Judkins & Julian Davidson

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