Ryan Sheckler Wins Dew Tour Street Style Contest in San Francisco

I’m looking forward to the comments we get on this video post – who’s going to diss us about posting about the Dew Tour and what’s going to be said about the Dew Tour itself again. Ahhh, it’s all good, give it to us!

The Dew Tour introduced a new course this year called, “Street Style” which uses the San Francisco hills as an obstacle in a contest. Good idea but at the same time they held another contest with the title “Skate Street” with basically not-so-street obstacles…what the fuck???

Whatever…they blocked off Harrison Street and built a collection of obstacles which are of course not just usually waiting for you on the street but it was on a real street with some minor adaptions so acttually a cool concept.. Ryan Sheckler, Zared Bassett, David Gravette, Manny Santiago, Ryan Decenzo and more can be seen skating the course here. Ryan Sheckler took first place with Milton Martinez and David Gravette coming in second and third.

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