Sabrina Puse Göggel

Sabrina Göggel – 10 Years On Volcom

Sabrina Göggel has been shredding for Volcom for 10 years now and once you watch her part, you’ll understand why it is more than deserved. Her name is basically a synonym for the high level skateboarding we are witnessing with women skaters around the globe these days.

Even though the women’s skateboarding scene in Germany has been growing quickly in the last few years, it still has quite a distance to go to catch up with other countries like for example the USA. So it is more than rad to see magazines like SOLO Skateboard Magazine showing strong support for women’s skateboarding by featuring this video on wesite. Their September 2018 printed issue was co-edited by Sarah Meurle and featured many talented female skaters. Try to get the magazine if you, always good to show some support for thos print mags!

So sit back and enjoy her great bag of tricks, I know there quite a few tricks in this video clip that most of us can’t do! Edited by Felipe Zenguiero

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