Sasquatch All City Showdown 2010 In Seattle

This is the type of street skating contest I really like to see, this is skateboarding how it was and should be. Yeah my opinion but I know a lot of people who agree. No need to lock yourself up in an indoor park with 80+ skaters trying the smae tricks again and again. The All City Showdown is a true street skating contest. Spots, cracks, rough ground, weather, security, pedestrians, cops, traffic and a time limit. Everyone leaves the shop at 11 and comes back 7 to hand in their footage. Its that simple.

All City Showdown 5 “Team Edition” brought to you by 35th North skate shop and Cons was a new twist from years past. 3 skaters,1 flimer and 8 hours to collect footage. And yeah, this isn’t even from 2011 but again, it rocks!

» All City Showdown Skate Contest

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