Scottish skateboarding video with ‘Overcast’

It’s always great to get video footage different parts of the world and I’m just a fan of videos which show the skateboarding skills of skaters in countries and areas on this globe without the entire video being half a commercial.

Paul McConnach is a Glasgow-based filmer who under the name ‘Iron Giraffe’ has put together footage from several years in this nicely edited video called ‘Overcast’.

The video features Adam Paris, Jamie Bolland, Paul Silvester, Tom Shimmin, Rauri, Ross McSherry, Danny Jack, Daniel Nicholas, Kerr McLaughlan, Colin Adam, Mark ‘T-Bag’ Murray, Dave Lane, Keith Allan and many others so grab a seat as it lasts just uner 28 minutes. And if you like what you see he’s got some t-shirts and the dvd to buy over at Iron Giraffe – support the people supporting skateboarding and keeping it real!

And the guys over on MudoZine have an extensive behind the scenes article about Overcast which is a great read to accompany the video so stop wasting your time Facebooking about nothing and read/watch something worth your time!

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