Seasons Skate Shop Video Out Of Albany, New York

Seasons Skate Shop Video Out Of Albany, New York

There was way too much going on at work yesterday and I had to work on some renovation at my appartment last night so no updates for the site until bright (well, not so bright at this time of day…) and early this morning at 6:30 with some much needed coffee beans getting my blood moving.

Along with the coffee I just watched the relatively new skateboard shop video from the to-soon-to-be-opening Seasons Skate Shop out of Albany, New York entitled “Skate Bunny” a second time as I enjoyed it so much last night already. With over ten minutes of well edited skating on what I like to personally watch in a street skating oriented video – tough combinations and fast moves combined with some slams which make the skaters look real – this is a video that proudly represents this part of our skateboard world. Enjoy it yourself…

Anybody care to inform me / us about the names of the skaters and the people behind the filming and editing? Would be good to give them their due mention in here.

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