Sebo Walker Joins Stacks

Sebo Walker Joins Stacks

Good thing that skateboarding never gets boring – always changing, new influences, new and old companies plus a never-ending flow of new talented skaters to keep the great vibe going strong.

While going through the Europeskate mail yesterday evening, I came across one from Michael representing Stacks, a clothing and skateboard company out of Los Angeles, California which I haven’t heard of even though Reese Forbes skates for them AND them being around since the year 2000. They have some excellent designs going on which stand out from many other companies which had me wanting more! So excuse my ignorance and welcome Sebo Walker as their new am skater on the team with this welcome video! Oh yeah, check out their site here…

About Stacks:

In 2000, Stacks began making small runs of t-shirts and skateboards in Los Angeles. Stacks grew organically and attracted a following of artists and skateboarders worldwide. The brand embodied the creative side of skateboarding, and became an influential part of west coast visual culture.

In 2010, Stacks founder Michael Leon partnered with skateboarding legend Reese Forbes to relaunch as an authentic skate brand with a new focus on quality, style, attention to detail, and authenticity. Combining world class skateboarding, the finest hardgoods craftsmanship and the graphic heritage of Stacks, they set out to create a more refined perspective on the skateboarder’s lifestyle.

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