Second online mag out now!

Second online mag out now!

Good to see that many of you are using the possibility to contact me and letting me know about your projects, companies, skating, photography, whatever – a lot of good info is floating in here daily and some goodies are always in there. Great, keep it coming, sure helps out!

The French website sent me a link to the second issue of their PDF magazine and it is yet another good looking online magazine in which a lot of effort has been put into it. Why do I say “good looking”? Well, I did have six or seven years of French in school so I can understand a lot of the articles, but the layout is also well done and I just like these Flash flipbooks. And if you want to hold it in your hands, you can easily print it out. I think it’s just better to actually hold a mag and turn the pages…

Check out the 2nd issue of PDF magazine right here!

El Gato in magazine issue 2

mad air in the cradle

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