Win a set of 54mm DIY or Die wheels from September Wheels!

I caught up with Nicolas Buechi from September Wheels (he’s the skater in the top photo which was taken by Thomas Sweertvaegher) which is located in Zurich, Switzerland to talk about their wheels, what they represent and what keeps him working on developing and running a cool DIY skate company.

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Who is September Wheels and what’s the name supposed to stand for?

September Wheels stands for DIY Wheels and Concrete Culture. It’s not really commercial, it’s more directly for skateboarding. We are from Zurich/ Switzerland and we like cold beers.

You started making wheels already in 2008. What keeps you going on to create new wheel designs and push your brand?

I don’t really know. It is just a need to do it. To have our own stuff going on. To produce better wheels, to give the scene a good opportunity of quality instead of relying on big companies.

You seem to be really oriented towards to DIY scene. What’s your connection to the Swiss Black Cross Bowl crew and how would you describe their new incredible Port Land project in Basel to somebody who has not been able to skate there yet (like me!)?

Some of us are/were living in Basel and working on the Black Cross Bowl. After my return to Zurich we built Sihlside and The Beast. The Basel guys came to help us with the Beast, and we went to Basel to help with Port Land. DIY spots are important, it gives you a center to focus on. It becomes a part of your live, because you worked so hard for it. Port Land is insane terrain. A really heavy bowl and a wonderful narrow flow park.

Christoph Spiess
Skater: Christoph Spiess

What makes a skate wheel a really good wheel?

It should be fast as hell, give you good grip. It should be light, and resistant to flatspots. That’s what we are working on.

Do you believe that some day in the future we’ll be riding a completely different skate wheel material and laughing at the wheels “in the old days” or is wheel development at the end?

Maybe, yeah. I’d like to try something new as polyurethane is oil, and I’d like to to be independent from oil.

How’s the future look for September Wheels, world domination or just continue to enjoy the ride? Any special plans for 2013?

We have new concrete plans so probably building a new, bigger spot. Also we are stoked about the many distributions we have. Right now, Decay Dudes started in Germany and Austria and Gnassis in Belgium.

Lukas Halter
Skater: Lukas Halter

Robin Fischer
Skater: Robin Fischer

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