Shred or Die – Tony Hawk’s video platform

I follow a lot of the social networking and video site start-up businesses to keep myself informed for my other projects so it’s obvious news for Europeskate to check out the “Shred or Die” video site which offers another platform for so-called action sports videos. What makes this site stand out a bit more is the fact that Tony Hawk is involved. I took a deeper look at the site to see what is has to offer…

The website is a collaboration between Or Die Networks, the creators of, and skateboarding icon Tony Hawk and THI/900 Films (Tony Hawk’s filmmaking company). So what makes it different than the rest? Not much at the first look. What I like about it is the fact that normal users like you and me can vote to keep videos in or to kick them out, “Shred” for in and “Die” for out. Maybe this is a good way to use the social networking power the signed -n users have to control the media we view. Here’s the complete voting system:

Chosen Ones: These videos are gifts from the creators straight to you. Like the Pope, they are exempt not just from taxes but also from your votes, because they have been appointed to this position by a higher power. (Us.)

: Highest rated. These videos have so many views (over 100,000) and so many “Shred” votes that they are now labeled permanently Shred.

Prime: These videos have a rating between 3 and 4 and if they keep their views up and the “Shred” votes coming, they’ll be Shred very soon.

Choice: This video is on its way up, or on its way down. It has some views, and a rating of between 2 and 3, but nothing spectacular. Its fate is in your hands, so give it a chance.

Lame: These videos are not doing well. Their “Die” votes relative to the total views give these a rating between 1 and 2. These are videos that you guys are not liking and the grim reaper is on his way.

Dead: These videos have at least 1,000 views and a rating of 1 or less, and it’s time to die. You are all accessories to these murders.

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