Shuriken Shannon turns pro for Black Label

Shuriken Shannon turns pro for Black Label

Shuriken Shannon is known for is incredible pop on the board and smooth style so it seemed only to be a matter of time before he would be turning pro. Time went by and John Lucero from Black Label made it happen – as of last week Shuriken Shannon is a pro skateboader for the Black Label team. Take a further look for some videos and how to catch his part in newest Osiris flick “Feed for Need”.

The 21 year old skater out of San Diego, California has his fair share of sponsors already (Black Label, Osiris, Earth Products, FKD Bearings, Satori Movement Wheels, Venture Trucks, Pacific Drive Skate Shop) and deserved this move to pro status. Anybody will be able to to watch his part in the “Feed the Need” video from Osiris by either buying his new board, the January 2008 issue of Thrasher Magazine or the December issue of the European based Playboard Magazine which hits the newsstands .

Check out some of his footage from his Pig Skateboards time and the trailer for “Feed the Need” right here…

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