Silas Baxter-Neal joins ADIDAS team

Silas Baxter-Neal joins ADIDAS team

Probably one of the most talented and hyped skaters of the year 2008, Silas Baxter-Neal has been turning quite a few heads among fellow skaters and in the industry. He was crowned Transworld’s Rookie of the Year 2008, had an 18-page interview in Thrasher Magazine, took the covers of several top skate magazines and has been showing his skill on video (Sessions 4 and Toebock).

Things are looking up for Silas – turning pro for Habitat and now he made the move to the adidas skate team. Hope to see a lot more of this guy in the future and I am sure we will. Here’s the Welcome to the adidas team video:

– check the adidas interview page with Silas Baxter-Neal

Silas Baxter-Neal
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