Simparch bowl exhibition in the Coach Shed, Liverpool

This one buds to all those who know that a bowl can look and feel like a piece of art, combining flowing curves with the linear (or sometime not so linear) flow contained in the form of a skater. Simparch is a collaborative design and build team which includes Steve Badgett and Matthew Lynch and they are bringing a somewhat different exhibition to Liverpool from October 19th 2007 – April 20th 2008.

US based collective SIMPARCH will be realising a major new architectural installation in The Coach Shed at Greenland Street, as part of A Foundation’s autumn programme. SIMPARCH’s practice operates between the borders of architecture, design and popular culture and often results in the creation of large-scale works that take into account the specificities and histories of a given site.

Free Basin consists of a large elevated kidney shaped facsimile of a domestic West Coast swimming pool. Constructed meticulously from wood, this exquisitely crafted object will occupy the industrial proportions of The Coach Shed. Alongside the basin, SIMPARCH will install a 40ft full pipe. Made using a similar construction method with a complex layering of multiple wooden spines and ribs, the full pipes impressive structure echoes a hull in dry dock.

On completion, SIMPARCH will extend an open invitation to skate the architecture of the installation. The basin will allow for complex carves, grinds and airs, while the pipe provides skaters with the opportunity to perform dynamic turns and dives, all of which will combine to create a unique spectacle and rhythmic soundtrack within the space.

SIMPARCH’s initial desire to build a basin directly refers to the history of pool skating which is well documented in the US and was initially born out of an economic recession, which saw the abandonment of many houses and pools that were subsequently colonised by skaters due to the unique challenges that this particular architectural form offered. The decision to re-interpret this piece for A Foundation was made in response to Liverpool’s well documented skating history and the current transformation of the City’s landscape, with one of the largest regeneration schemes in Europe resulting in the outlawing of skateboarding and a decline of street culture.

SIMPARCH have exhibited throughout the US and in Europe. Exhibitions include solo projects for Tate Modern and InSITE, San Diego and inclusion in Documenta XI, 2002 and the Whitney Biennial, 2004.

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