Simple Session 2010 Semi Final Results – Final Webcast

Watch the live webcast today February 7th 2010

The Simple Session 2010 is on now – February 7th 2010 2pm – watch the live webcast here!

1. Kris Vile UK
2. Eero Anttila FIN
3. Max Kruglov RUS
4. Maxim Habanec CZE
5. Tony Panici USA
6. Misha Poponin RUS
7. Eniz Fazliov FIN
8. Kurtis Colamonico USA
9. Tim Zom NED
10. Georges Agonkouin FRA
11. Miika Sandelin FIN
12. Marc Haziza FRA
13. Mack McKelton GER

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