Sk8mafia Saturdays – May 16th 2009

Sk8mafia Saturdays May 16th

The Sk8mafia keeps their hype alive and kicking with the leftovers from the Sk8mafia AM video featuring: Trung Ngo, Jimmy Cao, Brandon Lefever, Mike Magywai, Jeff Boye, Daniel Rodriguez, Steve Mcneal, Marcus Allen, Steve Shipler, Danny Wallace, Dave Abair, David Castells, Andrew Sprigle, Colin Commito, Ben Skrzypek, Paul Sewell, Nick Suarez, Jimmy Carlin, Jesus De Pedro, Mike Fitzgerald, Cuong Lieng, Ryan Mcfarlin, Brian Emmers, Jon Jackson, Rob Marin, John, Sammy Baptista, Damian Bravo, Lenny Rivas, Spencer Prath, and friends.

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