Skate & Create 2013 – Deathwish Skateboards with From Dawn ’til Dusk

Skate & Create 2013 - Deathwish Skateboards with From Dawn 'til Dusk

Running late as usual here but what the heck- here’s the Deathwish Skateboards entry for Transworld Skateboarding’s “Skate & Create 2013” contest which they called ‘From Dawn ’til Dusk’ which was directed by Aleks Lewandowski and features skating by Jon Dickson (New Era MVP), Erik Ellington, Furby, Jim Greco, Neen Williams, Lizard King, Slash, Moose, and Kirby

Here’s Skin Phillips comment to the video:

It’s a typical day in the life of the Deathwish gang. The sessions and locations were influenced by gangs, Hollywood, and Los Angeles culture. It wasn’t much of a stretch because skate crews can be very gang-like to begin with. The Deathwish dudes are a tight-knit crew. Overall, I don’t think this is too far from what these guys are actually like. It’s really close to the truth. You wouldn’t be surprised if you saw Jon Dickson on the beach asleep in the morning.

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