Skate Mental Winter Catalog 09 And New Website

Skate Mental Winter Catalog 09 And New Website

Skate Mental has been pretty busy lately, putting together new products for their Fall/Winter Catalog 09, a new website (which will make you go crazy if you keep looking at the background and all of the blinking elements for more than a few minutes *hehe*) and their collaboration product line with Nike SB. As usual their designs and ideas keep skateboarding fun, especially the “Attack of the Killer Nutria” and the “Alien vs. Predator” decks are my favorites. I do have to wonder a bit about the “Dolphin Style” deck which is almost, well let’s say a bit disturbing – wonder who came up with that idea!

The Skate Mental / Nike SB product line offers a Dunk High, a hockey jersey with some bloodstains, 2 t-shirts with pretty much typical piss-take designs which are great, 2 ‘Nike SM’ t-shirts and a winter jacket. Oh yeah, on top of all of that there’s even a backpack which supposedly comes with a red blanket for the cold season and that would come in handy right now for a lot of us!

The following skaters ride for Skate Mental: Shane ONeill, Brad Staba, Matt Beach, Dan Plunkett, Reese Forbes and John Motta.

» the Skate Mental website
» the Skate Mental / Nike SB website

Skate Mental and Nike SB

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