Skate Rock - South Africa

Skate Rock: South Africa Part 1 and 2

This Skate Rock skate trip to South Africa sure started out different than everybody along for the ride expected. Happy to see nothing worse happened than some material damage and the video clips let us tag along for some of the action. And man, it gets rough! Pat McLain, Rowan Zorilla, Raven Tershy and Tony Trujillo skate a really sketchy ditch with high walls and to make it more interesting, there’s a little canal with water in the middle you have to ollie over to keep your speed up.

Rowan Zorilla is yet another skater really ripping every time he turns up in a video or a contest – nuts! And one of my personal favorites – Raven Tershy – just flows through any obstacle or spot like it’s a pefectly built skatepark.

Part 1:

Part 2:

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