Skate Talk And Jereme Rogers

Skate Talk And Jereme Rogers

And once again Jereme Rogers gets his place in the media movement, all he has to do is get involved in any social media community and bam! everybody wants a bit from the pie. I’m not any different, I have to drop everything and read what he is writing or hear what he his saying/trying to sing. Am I a secret follower? Definitely not – and I am not writing in this blog to hate on people. But after listening to only 10 minutes of the recorded Skate Talk live stream I luckily had to do something else…it is amazing how convinced he is about what he believes and I can almost feel through the monitor the awkward situations that kept arising from some of the statements coming from him…I will watch more later…beware, it’s over an hour long! Maybe a few drinks while watching would help!

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