video features Chad Muska and more video features Chad Muska and more

Damn hard to try and pack all of the related information to describe a video into one headline – no, it is just not possible with the video that the guys over at have put together for all of us. So what’s in it for us to watch? Let me just be the lazy bastard I can be and and show you what they wrote…hey, come on, I want to spend my precious time watching it and not coming up with words describing it right?

– Find out what happened on the Element Awareness European tour. In this contest the skaters are the protagonist while the pros look at their skateboarding skills and style.

– If you like street skating and ledges don´t miss Jesus de Pedro’s explanation of how to accomplish nice backside tail slides. This skater from Madrid is a big promise thanks to his technique. Take a look and learn!

– Different, crazy, brilliant, creative..and over all, a skater. Meet Chad Muska´s history, an exclusive interview that will be difficult to make it better, exclusively on Skate116.TV!

– In our classics section the video part that changed lots of skaters from that time. This video part taught skaters of the world the meaning of having fun and skate with friends. (Editor’s note: it’s a part from the “Public Domain” video!)

So click on over to the site and watch it on the main page!

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