Skateboard exhibition in Gothenburg till Nov 2nd 2008

Skateboard exhibition in Gothenburg till Nov 2nd 2008

The Röksska Museum in Göteborg(Gothenburg), Sweden has an ongoing exhibition about skateboarding which lasts until November 2nd, 2008. Axel Torschmied from sent me the info a while back but as it is still there for a couple more weeks, here it is for you.

Here’s what the museum curators have to say about the exhibition themselves:

With design, fashion and handicraft as the point of departure we focus on the rolling board. The exhibition will describe skating as a lifestyle, the board as a design object and to it the fashion. The Röhsska Museum will dive deep into this world phenomenon, with the board as a passion, a must and a life philosophy for many. After 50 years of product development, this apparently simple concept which has become a million dollar industry and an elite-athletic is examined.

And here’s where the Röhsska Museum is located:

Größere Kartenansicht

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