Skateboard Photography With Brian Fick

I used to post almost daily a new Europeskate skateboard Photo Of The Day and it was a series which had quite a following. So what do you do when something like that it is working well? Right, you stop it!

No, I started something new, the United Skateboard Photography Project with it’s very own dedicated website and it has grown respectably in a relatively short time frame since December 2012. Until now it has attracted over 60 members from around the globe (yeah, I have to do an update today to see how many members we actually have!) including Grant Brittain, Jim Goodrich, Brian Fick and many more well-known names in the skateboard photography world.

Brian Fick is the latest addition to the project and I was very happy to include him as a member as I have always enjoyed his photography work. Make the jump ober to the United Skateboard Photography Project website and have a look at all of Brian Fick’s work + all of the other U.S.P.P. members pages. Lots of great photography to have a look at!

Peter Hewitt Back Smith
Skater: Peter Hewitt

Wes Kremer FS Feeble
Skater: Wes Kremer

Alex Perelson Backtailslide
Skater: Alex Perelson

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