Skateboard photography gets a place on Europeskate

mdrod10 on Flickr Diving into an area so diverse as photography as pretty much a complete beginner (okay, I believe I can set a shot up and take some nice pics both automatically and manually but quite with very basic set-ups…) isn’t the easiest of topics to set up on a running blog. Skateboard photography is one of those topics which have been inside my head for months, even years, and I just haven’t gotten around to putting down the foundation on the site, formulating the words, reading the discussions available online – basically not getting around to doing it. But now that is going to change…

Photography has accompanied, yeah almost shadowed skateboarding since the very beginning of skateboarding history, growing with the technology, skills and creativity of the users and now has gone pretty much mainstream with digital photography allowing for faster viewing, incredibly cheaper photo shoots than earlier and a faster learning curve. This doesn’t mean that it is necessarily easier to create and compose a good photo – definitely not. And with the amount of new equipment coming out on the market it is not all that easy to find the products you need without buying items which don’t fit your needs.

So this is the reason for this new part of the Europeskate site – for me to learn, for us to share ideas and experiences, links to discussions and a platform to present great photography and photographers themselves. Starting it off is a discussion on Flickr about whether to use a Sigma 10-20 or 15 Fisheye, check it right here

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