Skateboard Round-Up March 31st 2008

Daily skateboard news

I’ve decided to pack a punch of news into one post everyday now so that I can do the “collecting” once and spend more time on digging deeper for interviews, new parts of the site, getting more photography into the site and some more tid-bits I won’t mention here. So let’s put it down for you:

– The Plan B team was recently in the Dominican Republic and managed to get some of their adventures onto video.

– Jimmy Cao is the latest recruit at the Berrics.

– Guy Mariano is officially back on Royal Trucks.

Guy Mariano back on Royal Trucks

– Sebastiaan Vijverberg has joined the ranks of the international Osiris team.

– Rick McCrank has teamed up with animal rights activists Peta in an advertisement to voice both his and Peta’s point of view about not eating meat. Difficult standpoint here as the age-old discussion can easily flare up again about not eating meat but having no problem having a pro shoe with leather in it…I won’t start this discussion as I have not had a chat with Rick McCrank about this subject.

Rick McCrank
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