Skateboard weekend contests updates in words

Weekend contest madness

…because I really haven’t found any video evidence online for these contests just yet so here’s the quick round-up for you.

At the Ultra Bowl 2009 contest in Malmö, Sweden Benji Galloway walked away with the win and the German contingent got some up there in the top 8 as well. Word up to Gerd from making 7th place in the Masters division. What’s up with Wolfgangsta?? Hope he wasn’t partying like last year again, puking between trees and stories like that *haha*

1. Benji Galloway (US)
2. Steven Reeves (US)
3. Stu Graham (GB)
4. Johnny Turgesen (US)
5. Kevin Wenske (DE)
6. Tim Johnson (US)

1. Txus Dominguez (BAQ)
2. Nicky Guererro (DK)
3. Anders Tellen (DE)
4. Mattias Svenson (SE)
5. Jan Loften (SE)
6. Mark Munson (UK)
7. Gerd Rieger (DE)
8. Will Taylor (US)

Crossing over the Atlantic again we make a stop at the Zoo York sponsored AM Getting Paid 2009 in Montreal, Canada where Magnus Hanson grabbed first place followed up by Manny Santiago and Mickey Papa. Get all of the updates over on the Zoo York AM Getting Paid blog

And finishing this blog post off with the invite only Coastal Carnage bowl event sponsored by Converse with a 50,000 US dollar prize purse which did not get any mentionable media coverage in this day and age -weird but that’s the way it is. The amateurs stole the cake away from the pros at this contest with Raven Tershay taking first and 10,000 bucks followed up by Curren Caples and Kevin Kowalski (I though for some reason that he was in Malmö – obviously not informed correctly!). Best trick went to another favorite amateur skater of mine Aaron Jaws Hamoki with a Blunt kickflip to fakie on top of the taco – maybe we’ll get some video footage to back all of this up really soon!

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