Peter Hewitt

Peter Hewitt raging padless for Spitfire Wheels

Luckily transition skateboarding has made quite a comeback in the past few years…or let’s say a lot more skaters are getting interested in testing their skills also in backyard pools, bowls and vert ramps. Peter Hewitt has been shredding transitions for decades and this makes this video from Spitfire Wheels even more fun to watch […]

Martino Cattaneo for Warriors Skateboards

Luckily I’ve been in contact with the owner of Wrriors Skateboards from Switerland lately due to my United Skateboard Photography Project. I’ll be interviewing him but that’s another story. Warriors Skateboards is bringing out a full -lebgth video today and here’s Martino Cattaneo’s part which is seriously rad and is getting me to really go […]

Happy Halloween Skateboarding Round-Up 2013

So what is this about? The “Happy Halloween Skateboarding Round-Up 2013”? After continuously writing and gathering news, videos, product and event updates about skateboarding for the past 9,5 years (yeah, seriously a long time), I keep seeing that splitting it all up into individual articles or posts as us bloggers call these updates is not […]