Skateboarding Chaos Video In Madrid, Spain

Loads of street skating in this video from Madrid, Spain

Watch this long list of skaters taking to the streets of Madrid, Spain

No big skateboarding introduction – the video tells the story. Looks like a mixture of different cameras, many different spots and it features skating from Adrian del Campo, Peter, Sergi Nuñez, Dylan, Alex, Jorge Masó, Jorge Carlos, Sergio Muñoz, Jura, Ruben, Pota, Ben Skrzypek, Borja, Burrito, Ra, Fer, Castañeda, Pichu, Pow, Jimmy, Mauricio, Darrel, Sergio, Biso, Scott, Malandro, David Fernandez, Juanchi, Alvarito, Miguelex, Hassan and Gejun.

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