Skateboarding time-warps back to the 80’s

Skateboarding time-warps back to the 80's

Not all of the skate news has to be about another street competition, another huge gap jump, another mega-industry sponsored, sold out arena filled with families who would usually go watch a baseball game. And that’s good that once and a while a good idea still comes through and turns to reality.

So what the heck am I rambling on about? This past Friday and Saturday, December 5th/6th 2008, the Quiksilver All Day All 80s Vert Challenge took place in Huntington Beach, California which had a bunch of old vert skaters meet up and ride on 80’s boards AND a typical vert ramp built in 80s style. Now I bet a lot of the people reading and coming back to the Europeskate site have not grown up riding on boards which all had different shapes, which were a lot wider, which had real tails, rail guards and a bunch of other accessories which just are not needed / wanted anymore.

Just like Tony Hawk himself says, it was a lot harder to ride these boards and do the tricks in the ramps back then. I won’t say I miss it now, but it was a lot of fun and it’s good to see thes pro riders getting together to relive the “good old times”. I’ll put up the results once I get them…

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