Skateboarding weekend news September 15th-16th 2007

Weekend action in Europe

And another weekend dawns upon us which is great! And this one is packed with skateboarding action around Europe and worldwide. To get up-to-date quick read on to be sure you are not missing anything. MAJOR NOTE: our media/picture server provider seems to be having problems lately. They were back online this week but having problems again right now so bare with us, we’re working on them! Now on to the updates!

Here’s a list of the contests we know of:

– The “Concrete or Die” contest in Kotrijk, Belgium
– Crossfire’s Southbank Jam Saturday September 15th
– The Veddel Jam 2007 tomorrow in Cologne, Germany

After several months of working to revamp the park, the Boost skatepark in Stuttgart, Germany is opening its doors once more just in time for the quickly closing in winter months to gather in the skaters in its warming walls, that’s good news for them!

The videos are coming in for the Raise The Dead video contest, 4 are up already for you to watch and vote on. Get over to our page on the Mpora site to view them all and get out there and start filming, the prizes are growing by the day. AND ALL OF YOU COMPANIES, HELP OUT BY SPONSORING PRODUCTS AND HELPING LOCAL SKATERS. Just contact us here and we’ll sort it out!

Ricardo Porva
Ricardo Porva

And we have a couple of interviews to put up on the site: Wayne Gallagher, pro skater out of Ireland and a surprise interview with a pretty well known street skater, Ricardo Oliveira Porva from Brazil (Volcom, Plasma, Oakley, NATA, Connexion (Flow)) who is raising a lot of awareness in the skateboard community after coming in fourth place at the Mystic
Skate Cup this year and winning it 2006. He sent in a lot of pics and answered our questions so stay tuned for our new “Check Out” section coming soon…

So have a good weekend everybody. Go learn some tricks, carve it up and just have fun!

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