SkateBook and Everyday Villains t-shirt giveaway contest!

SkateBook and Everday Villains giveaway

Hint: Read through to the bottom to be able to enter and win the giveaway contest!

I was lucky enough to have the people behind the clothing company Everyday Villains out of California get in contact with Europeskate and send over some prizes for a simple contest in which you can easily win a copy of the massive 360 page SkateBook Issue #1 AND a Everyday Villains t-shirt as well.

Everyday Villains is an urban streetwear brand specializing in t-shirts and other streetwear related apparel. Everyday Villains blends LA life, pop culture, music and reality. They want to explore the darker elements of LA life, without promoting a negative view of the culture.It’s not all about violence, there’s a sense of humor there too. The lines of what is good, evil and humourous are being pushed with this brand. It’s all about everyday culture with simple but striking graphics and good quality t-shirts. As I myself love my t-shirts, I can honestly say I know what is good or not and these shirts can take the wear and tear of skateboarding.

So how do Everyday Villains and the SkateBook come together? Everyday Villains is one of the sponsors of the SkateBook, a fantastic collection of 12 stories ranging from Max Schaff to Christian Hosoi and even beer. It is more than just a magazine. It’s something to leave on your living room table for good. And what is even better – you can only get this at skate shops and only in the States currently if I’m informed correctly!


So, do you want to get a free copy of the SkateBook PLUS a cool t-shirt from Everyday Villains real easy?

All you have to do go over to the Everyday Villians site ( and let us know with a simple email (jyoung AT europeskate DOT com – just put the email address together correctly OR use our “Contact Us” page) how many DIFFERENT t-shirt designs they have (with different I mean different t-shirt name, not color okay?!).

Send your e-mail to us by Thursday, March 06 2008 and you could be enjoying some new gear and the great SkateBook Issue #1 real soon!

Rob Dydrek with Jordan Manavian and Matt Amundson of Everyday Villains
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