Skatebook Number 3 out now!

Skatebook Number 3 out now!

I just wrote to the Skatebook people today as this fantastic publication just has not made it’s passage across the ocean to European shores That’s terrible! How is it anywhere else around the world? Have you heard about the Skatebook publication?

Well it’s one huge release (the first issue was well over 300 pages, as big as some catalogs you can barely hold!) from Mike Ballard and Salman Agah and it has hit release number three already which is based mostly on photography documenting skateboarding history. One of the chapters is a Bart Simpson parody, with him skating some of the most well known spots. Great skaters like Lance Mountain and Ed Templeton have also been bound to the book.

Contents: 1. the difference | by lance mountain 2. brooklyn banks | retrospective 3. bummer high | ethan fowler 4. the life of ryan | a star is born 5. sticker recall | a collective 6. ed templeton | the tempster 7. up the crooks | chet childress 8. droppin hammers | bart simpson parody 9. indy book | read and learn 10. gsd | this is (not) my life 11. fallen | ride the sky 12. tobin yelland | portfolio.

The hardbound book is now on sale at the Skatebook website for $19.95. You really should invest the cash, it’s a bargain for us Europeans and still well priced concidering the size of it!

– Order Skatebook # 3 right here!
– Skatebook website

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