SkateBook Volume I now with a website!

SkateBook gets a website

Updated February 4th, 2008: Correcting my mistake from last week reporting that this grand collection of moments in skateboarding, company information, events, personalities and culture – all combined into over 350 pages bound together in a book going by the name of “SkateBook Volume I” with a DVD and a website to go with it was created only by the guys from Everyday Villains. It is actually a collaboration effort by several companies supporting the quarterly output of this creative piece of skateboarding.

Europeskate has hooked up with the people at Everyday Villains and not only do I get to check out the book personally, we’ll also be giving away a copy of the SkateBook and a t-shirt as soon as they arrive. While we are waiting to flip throw this new piece of skateboard creativity, take a look at the website which has some informative videos about skaters like Jake Phelps, Max Schaaf, Jason Adams, Christian Hosoi and Eric Koston. Great to see how the skateboard media scene is evolving…this is a publication which you won’t just leave next to the toilet, you’ll have this somewhere in the house to show around.

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