Skatepark in Paris, France growing rapidly

Skatepark in Paris, France

Paris is going to be an even happier town for skateboarders in 2008 when the work on the brand spanking new skatepark finishes. As usual with my not so amazing French I have tried to pick out the possible date that this very very large park will be open to the public – supposedly sometime in February but don’t nail me down on that on. The park is looking really good though and the locals are happy with the progress being made. Have a look inside for some preliminary pictures.

From what you can see on the plan of the park, it looks like it will have three to four bowls, possibly connected with each other and a well sized street area with more than enough possibilities for flips, grinds, gaps, whatever you are looking for. Make sure to keep up to date by going over to the skatepark’s homepage.

latest pictures from the concrete skatepark in Paris, France

overview plan of the new Paris skatepark

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