Skateboarders older than 18 banned from London Bridge skatepark!

Weird news seems to float in here pretty often and of course I only try to deal with skateboard or music related articles so this one straight from the UK Skateboarding Association stuck straight out. This one deals with a ban on skaters OLDER than 18 from skating the London Bridge skatepark…yeah, sounds strange right? I’ll let Kevin Parrott’s words do the talking…

In an amazingly odd move the management of the new London bridge skatepark have imposed a rule banning skateboarders over 18 from skating the park.

Sign the petition organised by Seth and Slam at…
(Memo from the editor: you have to be a British citizen to sign up here…)

Here’s a quote from the parks management…

“In the case of Whites Grounds, we are not permitted to allow unaccompanied adults on the site at any time as young people.
If a young person was to be assaulted or groomed during our supervised sessions, we would be held accountable.”

You also have the chance to write a comment on the petition so please keep it articulate and sensible. This is a crazy rule that needs overturning so get signing.

This rule at the London Bridge park is, to coin a phrase, political correctness gone mad. “…unaccompanied adults”??? That’s a bizarre twist on things!

For a start the park is SUPERVISED, unlike many in the UK, and should serve as deterrent enough to any improper behaviour.

One of the best things about skateboarding is that it is all inclusive and trying to keep adults and children apart is unnecessary nannying that has clearly been thought up by somebody with no real knowledge of skateboarding.

This rule fairly reeks of naive thinking that skateboarding is just something that kids do. This attitude is something all skateboarders have to battle against everyday and further highlights the misunderstanding that many seem to have about the activity.

A grown man with a skateboard is not a potential paedophile and does not need to “grow up”.

The park is also frequented by a large number of sponsored and professional skateboarders from both the UK and abroad on their visits to London. Most of these are over 18 and banning them from the park is depriving younger kids from skateboarding with respected peers that they look up to and can learn a lot from. London is home to many sponsored and professional skaters. We have very few public parks of a worthy standard and their presence at these few decent skateparks is something that helps keep the scene alive.

Can you imagine David Beckham being denied access to playing on a public football pitch? That’s exactly what’s happening here if the over 18 exclusion stays in place.

The management behind the London Bridge park need to seriously reconsider their actions and consult other local councils responsible for public skateparks in the UK. They’ll clearly find that their rules are unprecedented and completely unnecessary.

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