Skating A Ghost Town – Ordos in Mongolia

This is one crazy skateboard story but I surely am not going to get started on what a messed up world it is that we are living in already so this is mad but it doesn’t surprise me.

Ordos is a city / ghost town located in Inner Mongolia. It was built for one million people and currently is inhabited by just a few thousand. It’s been called the Dubai of northern China, showered with wealth, packed with public infrastructure and located near to precious natural resources in a region plagued by water-supply troubles.

A team of skaters (Jay Meador, Gustav Nymans, Tommy Zhao, Alexander Hwang, James Capps, Elliott Zelinskas & Brian Dolle) and filmers decided to make the surreal trip to this city to skate it and here’s the very impressive result.

Directed, filmed & edited by: Charles Lanceplaine
Additional filming: Patrik Wallner & Tommy Zhao
Music: You Me by Hamacide + Chacha
Sound mix: Gaetan Lourmiere

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