SKULLCANDY 2010 Headphone Collection

SKULLCANDY 2010 Headphone Collection

It’s been more than a few weeks since I received the latest lookbook for the Skullcandy 2010 headphone collection plus two headphones to check out (big thanks to Kaz who’s representing Skullcandy for the support and your patience with me!).

Skullcandy is for me one of those marketing wonders that just seem to have a lot of good people working behind the scenes who understand what their – I hate this type of language – target groups really want, has and needs. The range of headphone types is more than broad enough to tend to what anybody needing headphones wants – from the plug-in ear headphones, to the more (in my opinion) child-oriented almost old-school ICON 2 headphones which are lightweight and won’t kill your wallet if your kid happens to forget them somewhere over to the higher-end SKULLCRUSHERS (which I got to test) or the G.I. headphones which are damn comfortable to wear and even more important skate with.

The sound was clear and I didn’t notice any variations in peaks which distorted the music so it’s how they should be: plug them in and enjoy your sound. And you also get some pretty flashy looking headphones for your money while you are at it.

You decide if these headphones are what you are looking for. And just to keep your interest for a bit longer, check out a few photos of the Skullcandy Decibel Collections below, specially selected pieces from across the Skullcandy line of goods which embody exclusive designs by some of today’s best known artists and limited for sale in specialty retail shops. Keep your eyes peeled!

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Skullcandy Decibel Collections Part 1
Skullcandy Decibel Collections Part 2
Skullcandy Decibel Collections Part 3
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