SLAM Magazine 15 trick tips collection

SLAM Magazine 15 trick tips collection

For some of you this may be a bit boring but I do like the list of 15 trick tips which SLAM Magazine has on it’s website. A bunch of good tricks which are all possible to learn (I personally hate the trick tips for tricks which combine 45 other tricks which you need to know first – cheers for nothing!) and you have set of photographs for each showing you how to do them.

I know, nothing new and amazingly different – I just wanted to let you all know it’s there! Here’s the list and links to the tricks available:

– How to: 360 Shove-It
– How to: Stalefish
– How to: Kickflip

– How to: Backside Tailslide
– How to: 360 Flip
– How to: Backside Bluntslide

– How to: Wallride
– How to: Boardslide Pop Over
– How to: Kickflip Frontside Boardslide

– How to: Backside Smith Grind
– How to: Backside Nosegrind 180 Out
– How to: Five-O Grind to Fakie

– How to: Grind a Round Rail
– How to: Heelflip
– How to: Nollie

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