Slam Trick 2007 Results

Finally got around to finding the results to the contest -well, just the best skaters were mentioned in the results but what the heck, at least something 🙂 so here you are…

Open Contest results
1st Fabio Bottelli – Back Lip (big rail)
2nd Federico Zattomi – Flip Melon (bank to bank 4m)
3rd Brian Londono – Flip BS Nosegrind (hubba a salire)
4th Simone Verona – Feeble to Fakie (bank to wall)

Slam Trick results
overdrive of the day – most insane trick: Giorgio Zattoni – FS 270 to SS grind
solo of the day – best trick of the day:Severin Von Ow – BS FLip Backward nosegrind revert
last standing trick – best trick of the day: Kilian Heuberger – SS FS heelflip (big gap)
riff of the day -Â best skater of the day: Philipp Schuster

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