Slap Magazine – October 1992 issue online

Slap Magazine - October 1992 issue online

Going back in history once again with the guys from SLAP Magazine as they continue to scan in those old issues of SLAP and put them up for us all online. This time around it is the October 1992 issue which shows the opinions of a mix of “normal” people about what they think of skateboarding. It is quite funny as it just hasn’t changed – only skateboarding has gone huge in the meantime.

Mix that up with the complete black and white layout, the fun of actually reading the ads as many companies just aren’t here anymore and realizing how hight the level of skating was already back in 1992. Click on the picture below to flip through the entire October 1992 SLAP Magazine issue – it’s another time traveling experience for some…

SLAP Magazine October 1992

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