SLAP Magazine One In A Million Episodes 15

The skate-soap opera (well it is sort of isn’t it) or better known as SLAP Magazines “One In A Million” has put out episode 15 with a final group session of the week at a secret sunset spot, and the guys face the judges for the last time before eliminations! And yeah, Forrest is yet again in the middle of everything – did nothing in this episode but stil gets the limelight. Everyone can have their own opinion but he’s not exactly the type of skater I’d like to always hang out with, damn negative about just everything. And those out there saying it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t like tranny – sure, it doesn’t. But isn’t this contest about the one in a million skater who is just good at skating? That sort of implies ALL types of skateboarding doesn’t it? Just a thought…

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