SOSH Freestyle Cup 2014 Results

Marseille, France is a magical city on the Cote d’Azur with a concrete skatepark which has a long history behind itself and still is able to attract skateboarders from around the globe for sessions and contests year after year.

My last visit to the Prado skatepark was back in 1994 I think, used to go there every Easter weekend with a large group of German skaters and I loved it every time. Just this past weekend the SOSH Freestyle Cup 2014 took place and the names of skaters who made their way to Marseille can be seen. After three days of the southern France sunshine and lots of incredible skateboarding, here are the results and some video highlights for the SOSH Freestyle Cup 2014 contest.

Good to see many of the same lines being skated but somehow with even more height, distance and speed. Man, I love that skatepark – time for yet another road trip!

Final results 2014:

1. Pedro Barros
2. Danny Leon
3. Greyson Fletcher
4. Vincent Matheron
5. Bjorn Lillesoe
6. Stephan Boussac
7. Dannie Carlsen
8. Julien Benoliel

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