Sport trade shows in for a change?

This news just came in from across the Atlantic (at least for me) – big hitters Sole Technology, Podium Distribution, and C1RCA have decided to not be involved in this year’s ASR trade show in September which hosts many major companies in the sports retail section.

The Group Show Director Andy Tompkins stated “For these footwear brands that have larger runs, they’re really pushing to get their buys done before the end of August. Historically, C1RCA and Sole Tech have been scaling back their presence at the show for years, so this really came as no surprise.”

The question is if this is a surprise or not for the ASR trade show. With such major names leaving this platform looking for different possibilities to invest their marketing dollars, it looks more like the trade show business needs to take a different look at the entire scene and create new opportunities. This argument can be supported by the fact that the European trade show of choice – ISPO – has cancelled it’s annual summer shows completely. The business seems to be fading and companies are taking their chance to set up their own events or join alternative trade shows (The Bright Trade Show, Agenda).

And to adda cherry on top of this marketing cake, the annual Game Of Skate will not be held at the ASR as in the past years. No, this time the Maloof Money Cup will be the host for the finals. Should be interesting to see what the future holds…

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