SPOT CHECK: Stockwell concrete skatepark in South London, England

Finally getting back to doing what I originally intended on doing for Europeskate: mapping skate spots around Europe for your travelling pleasure. Today we have a yet another concrete treat, an oldie but goodie which is receiving a revamp as we speak.

The skatepark we are talking about is the Stockwell skatepark in Brixton, South London just off of Stockwell Park Road (thanks to Tweakerzine, we swiped part of a picture!). Check the map below for more details on how to get there:

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The park is currently being redone by Wheelscape, the UK based company behind the new Cantelowe skatepark in Camden, with the help of two local skaters who are now employed full-time. To keep up with the latest information on the park, go to the Stockwell Skatepark website.

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