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Spotlight on Austin Poynter

One year later I caught up with vert and bowl powerhouse Austin Poynter to see how he’s doing and what he’s up to. Turning 18 years old and wanting to learn frontside bluntslides are among the latest happenings with this talented skater…

Hi Austin. We interviewed you just about one year ago ( which is a long time in skateboarding these days. What have you been up to lately?

Same old… Skating about 5 days a week; bowl, vert, street all that fun stuff.

You’re 18 years old now – everything different, are you starting to feel old *haha*? Seriously though – has this led to any changes in your life / lifestyle?

Yes! It’s such a trip, I recently got a car and am now able to drive myself around now. Realized how fun paying for gas was. Lol.

You have been skating ever better from contest to contest. Have you set yourself any specific goals for 2013 like special tricks or contests you still want to be involved in?

Thank you. And my main goal for skateboarding in general would just be to keep it fun which is going very well! Any contest along the way is just an added bonus.

Austin Poynter going big

I read that you are into taking photographs lately. How’s that coming along, anything you’d like to show yet? I’m working on a big photography book project, the United Skateboard Photography Project, so maybe you’d like to join – Grant Brittain and Jim Goodrich + many others are already involved!

Wow that’s awesome! I enjoy shooting some random stuff with my GoPro and Canon here and there. I haven’t gotten too serious about it yet.. I’m still editing most of my pictures from my phone if that tells you anything haha.

Being in the limelight can be pretty stressful at times – does this affect your skating at parks/ events? Receiving plenty of fan letters from the ladies already?

It hasn’t gotten too bad thankfully. I never really enjoyed being the center of attention because it definitely gets to you. Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and forget about the eyes and focus on your feet on the board.

Photo by MRZ

We’re still waiting to see you over here in Europe? When can we get to see your skating skills over here?

Hopefully sometime in the near future! Looking forward to seeing the great love for skateboarding I always hear about from there.

What video clips have you seen lately that you can say had some amazing skating? Who’s raising the level of skating currently?

Bob Burnquist’s Dreamland video that just dropped was absolutely ridiculous. I don’t think my jaw has dropped that many times from one part. The older guy’s are just continuing to pave the way, Bucky is forty years old and still putting lines together that are insane!


Who already had an impressive line-up of sponsors you were riding for in 2012 – who are you riding for today?

Monster Energy, Oakley, Powell-Peralta, Osiris Shoes, Independent Trucks, S-One helmets, GoPro, 187 Pads, and Bull Taco. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without their awesome support!

Any video parts that you have been working on lately, something new we can look forward to?

No new videos at the moment, maybe it’s time to start filming!

To round this interview off, what trick(s) do you want to nail this year?

Hmm this one’s a tough one. I’ve had my eye on frontside blunt slides for a while!

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