Start the week with some Vans TV on

Okay, so this has been out for a bit – not that long – but I had not found the time to watch it yet. Not found the time you say? Well yeah, I do other things than just sit here and watch the screen, amazing isn’t it?. Enough garbage talk, start your week off right with some good inspiration with the the Vans “Are We There Yet” Tour Part 2 video right here!

Here’s how they describe this day of the tour :”After a relatively early night in Leeds for most of us we awoke to a nice bit of sunshine and after a shop visit to Exit we headed up to Hyde Park for a session. After that it was over to The Works to watch Howard destroy the pool in a way only he could and boy got his face coloured in for a free skateboard.”

The skating is excellent, well filmed, plain good stuff. Watch it and learn! There will be a new episode of the ‘Are We There Yet?’ skate tour online at 3PM GMT every Friday from October 27th (ohh, that’s past already??) and for the next 10 weeks on Mpora Premium TV.

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