Stockholm skateboard contest results from February 9th

Stockholm skateboard contest results

Vert skateboarding seems to be still going quite strong in Sweden as skate contests/events are being held at regular intervals at the Stockholm skatepark which has one beauty of a halfpipe and a strong following of vert fanatics, young and “old” alike. A couple of weeks ago another event was held in the ramp called the “Riksmästerskap” (something masters cup?? my German still doesn’t help me that far with Swedish and neither does my Muppet Show swedish help!).

I contacted the guys over at, a Swedish website/blog which puts out regular updates and some nice photographic proof of what happens in the skatepark. Thanks to Anders, Dave Östlund and Uffe Andersson for letting me use the pictures on Europeskate. Make sure you visit – even if you don’t understand shit, let the pictures and videos do the talking!

Stockholm skateboard contest RM 1
Stockholm skateboard contest RM 2

And here are the results:

Junior Street:

1. Rasmus Salcin
2. Axel Lindqvist
3. Filip Nilsson
4. Vilbur Fritzon

Senior street:

1. Daniel Lager
2. Albin Brodd
3. Jonas Lindahl
4. Jocke Poijo

Vert Junior

1. Anton Olsson
2. Simon Karlsson
3. Elliot Nordqvist
4. André Böhlin
5. Edwin Nordqvist

Vert Senior

1. Pontus Björn
2. Stephen White
3. Macki Chounouzidis
4. Oskar Gydell
5. Volker Lux
6. Mika Edin
7. Björn Lindström

Old boys Vert (40+)

1. Jerry Kopare
2. Daniel Chettle

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