Street League 2012 Arizona Results And Video

More skateboard contest results rolling here today – this is like the major league of skateboarding which is either what you like or not. The skateboarding at the Glendale, Arizona stop of the Street League Skateboarding 2012 series is definitely more than just impressive and when it comes down to landing one trick means you have 150,000 bucks in your pocket or not, it is in that hyped-up media sense pretty fun to watch. I just personally have a problem with hot dog munching, plastic hand clapping, sign waving “fans” cheering on skateboarders and having to pay to watch…but that’s just me.

P-Rod walked away with his first Street League win with Chris Cole and Ryan Sheckler following up. The reigning champion Nyjah Huston was looking from behind at this stop in the 2012 series but August 26th will see who walks away with it all…at least for this skateboarding series.

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