Sweden’s Highvalley Skatepark gets 3 million Euros!

Sweden's Highvalley Skatepark gets 3 million Euros!

This fantastic piece of news landed in my mailbox yesterday from Ants Neo, one of the main figures behind the concept of the Highvalley Skatepark in Stockholm, Sweden – click here to read the Europeskate interview I did with him back in February 2008. For years he has been fighting with many other skaters to get a concrete park built and the day has finally arrived!

The park has received 30.000.000 Swedish Kroner, a little more than €3.000.000 (WHAT!!!!), to build this coming Spring 2009. The park will be ready to skate in 2010. Take a look at the CAD drawing below to see what we all can expect…hmm, moving to Stockholm? Sure looks good…maybe they should think about getting floor heating to melt the snow away in winter *hehe*.

Great to hear about this and my best wishes to Ants and everybody else involved – it pays off to have a dream and work for it!

Swedish television reports about the park (Caution! it’s in Swedish..duhhh)
Highvalley Skatepark blog

Highvalley skatepark overview plan

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