System Skateboard Magazine is over and out

System Skateboard Magazine is over and out

Running a magazine, in print or even online, is no easy task and requires a lot – and I mean tons – of work, overtime, hours upon hours in front of the computer, behind a lense and most often for little of no money. The people behind the scenes, especially with skateboarding, are doing it because they love skateboarding.

Mateusz Paszkiewicz – the editor of System Skateboarding Magazine out of Poland – decided to call it a day with that mag which is a lose for all BUT….he did it for reasons of his own and all is not lost. Why? Because he is just moving further and currently he is working on building up a new independent magazine going by the name of “Free Mind Magazine”! I always enjoyed the System Skateboarding Magazine and with Mateusz behind this new endeavour, the future will surely bring us another top notch project. Looking forward to whatever is coming our way, good luck Mateusz and as always, my support/Europeskate support is with you!

– the starting point of the new project: Free Mind Magazine website – bookmark it!

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