System Skateboarding Magazine May 2008 out now

System Skateboard Magazine

Mateusz, the chief editor of the online System Skateboarding Magazine out of Poland, seems to have the possibility to pack in 48 hours into one and spend all of that time getting a magazine together besides having his normal life! Really amazing how many articles he has gotten together yet again to bring the fifth issue of thhe magazine to us.

Yet again with a good variety of articles and information from around the world with some nice layout skills and photography. Definitely a good read so support the man, he’s putting in a lot of work into this! Visit the System Skateboarding Magazine website right here…. and by the way, he puts it out in Polish AND English. He’s nuts, I need to talk to him!!

This issue has the following articles in it:

– Supra Best Trick
– No Use
– Nervous Fallen Tour
– Grant Patterson interview
– Sequence photos
– Spot check ( a nice ditch somewhere…)
– Nothing But Jam Contest report
– Longboard jam photo report
and much more…..

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